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1. A person who resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2. A person who has lost all idea of common courtesy, personal space, reality, etc. They have also been known to; wait for you to open a door, then run through it before you can; not give up seats to pregnant women on public transit (they're more important); whisper things under their breath about your mother if you take more than 1.2 seconds to order a coffee and then proceed to order a double-java-mocha-ultra-non-fat-goat's-milk latte; ignore your attempts to exit a subway and remain blocking your path then scoff at you when you say 'Excuse me.'; generally ignore anybody beyond themselves.

3. A hipster douchebag. This type of Torontonian has been known to; shop at Salvation Army because it's 'cool to look poor' although both their parents are doctors; name their band after something that has to do with Japan (ie. Tokyo Police Club); go to coffee places that tell you they're serving free trade coffee but it's actually Folger's sold at 400% mark-up; pretend to have intelligible things to say about world events because they read about it on somebody's blog; act like they have their own unique style although all hipsters look the same (you're no different than thugs, preps, bro's, etc.); live at their parent's house in Forest Hill but spend all their time in Kensington Market; etc.

Male Torontonian hipsters have been known to wear tighter pants than the females - no scientific journal has been able to decipher this strange behaviour. The males are also often mistaken for a member of the Village People - skin-tight pants, mustache, 80's sun glasses, bad hair cuit - but believes he is still cool.

Female hispters are not hot.

4. An incorrectly labelled person who resides in Toronto but was born and raised in another city. Often mistaken for an actual Torontonian, these individuals take offense to the label. They are often courteous, attractive, smart, and will choose to cheer for any other hockey team besides the Maple Leafs. They tend to move to Toronto in order to further their career and often contemplate moving back in with their parents and living on welfare just to get out of the city of Toronto.
1. Hey! You're a Torontonian because you live in Toronto!

2. Person A:Man that guy is a douche!

Person B: They don't call them Torontians for nothing.

3. Person A: That chick is hot!
Person B: Dude, that's a male hipster Torontonian!

4. Newfoundlander: Fuck you, you fucking Torontonian scum.
Incorrectly-labelled Torontonian: Fuck you! That guy is the Torontonian - I'm from Ottawa! *Points to guy wearing tight pants with a mustache, listening to Feist*
by cerstar August 13, 2009

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