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1. The coolest language ever. When spoken/typed, words with the hard 's' must be pronounced with a 'sh' instead. Also, when spoken, words that begin with 'th' change to 'd' (you may type it if you wish to!) **exception word is 'THE', because if you say 'DA', you may sound illiterate, and that, pals, is wackcity (uncool)**. You may NOT add 'sh' or 'd' to any words that are used negatively, otherwise it won't be the happy language that it is!!!!!!

2. Mishmash can mean anything you want, which is why itsh so aweshome!
1. Dish movie ish sho gnarly!!! The main dude, Shteven, ish sho freakin' delicioush, but hish girlfriend, Shtashy, ish one smelly slut!

2. Mishmash, I'm bored!, Mishmash, I'm so excited!!!!!, This is all mishmash!
by carlysh cool August 07, 2008

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