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A southerner is a term usually used to describe people who live in the southern united states. Just because you live there doesn't neccesarily mean you are racist or raised with strong moral values. I was born in Toronto and moved to Kentucky a few years ago. I believe it's a nice place to live and only a few people are actually <racist>. Just because you live in the south doesn't mean you drink beer all the time (baptists are STRONGLY against it) or hang a confederite flag. I have friends who went to UK and ended up going to Princeton,Cambridge,and Harvard. I'm tired of people judging me on where I live or where I'm from. Would you judge a Nigerian and call them a uneducated slave because they lived in Nigeria? I don't think so..
Northerner-Do you know how to read?
Southerner-I got an english scolarship from Yale
Notherner-Right on
Southerner-where did you go for university?
Northerner-Oh, I'm taking a break from school right now.
Southerner-But your 45!
by can't we just get along? September 24, 2006
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