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A play on the term "old boys' club" (or old boy network) which also recalls the juvenile separation along gender lines sometimes seen in children at play ("no boys/girls allowed!"), a no-boys club may be said to exist where women make up the dominant force in a particular workplace or field, and this advantage is leveraged to create an environment where gender-based favoritism is evident among insiders and discrimination against men is tolerated.
Don't even bother applying for the HR position. There's not a single guy working in that department, and they like it that way: it's a total no-boys club.

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The place for upple middle class-middle class hipster, emo, indie, scene, etc... kids/teenagers/young adults to try to find clothes that look like they are from stores like Urban Outfitters that they can't shop at even though they have plenty of money because of the superficial convinction that while orginality can be BOUGHT at a thrift store, it cannot be bought at a mass retailer...

Or I guess where people shop to SAVE MONEY...although you can get new clothes on sale or better quality used on ebay for almost the same price anyway.
Mark ( browsing through the rack at Urban Outfitters): This stuff is sooo commercial and unoriginal, it really doesn't suit my original, sophisticated, raw, independent spirit.. (makes face)
(insert light bulb here) I know!! I'll go to a THRIFT STORE where I can buy the same crappy, low quality clothes but with a more ill fitting cut, even shittier colors, and the great musty smell of body odor and decay ! Then I'll look so original just like all my friends who wear the same ill fitting, smelly garb. Fabulous.
by Can't we all just get along? January 14, 2006

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