1 definition by broooooo r u serious

A group of persians. They act as though they are the toughest kidst ever. It turns out they need their parents to pay kids not to fight them. Most of their day is spent sending invites to everyone on facebook for luxxzy and burn the books. They are known for using excessive amounts of hair gel and they stink of excessive amounts of cologne. They also refuse to wear their seatbelts and drive without insurance. Can mostly be found hanging out at the office "TD Bank". Their vocabulary consits of brooooo, mint, fast, live, are u serious, luxxxy, mansion, and all ages club. In closing they are the biggest fags ever.
Alright sweet we can make fun of those c.o.r.p.s fags when were there
by broooooo r u serious October 18, 2010
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