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A neofeminist is a person who lives or advocates a life based on a return to earlier (though reformed) ideas of the feminine and of motherhood.

While a feminist is often thought of having aspirations that lie within the mainstream, dominant culture traditionally regarded as (or reserved for the) masculine, a neofeminist is someone who has examined or lived feminist ideals only to return to ideals that are more similar to those traditional ideals abandoned in the first place (though not necessarily mainstream interpretations of those ideals).
Exaggeration is for emphasis:

A feminist writes about her vagina on salon.com comment logs and usually forgoes cooking to avoid the traditional, sexist role it suggests; vagina monologue was likely crafted in a coffee shop (perhaps on lunch break) while child was at day care... feminist likely to own a high powered vacuum cleaner intended to eliminate drudgery from cleaning...

A neofeminist may be handcrafting organic batches of baby food sans industrialized foodstuffs while preparing the nightly family dinner which studies show is important to family health; meanwhile writing about the psycho-social benefits of movement exercise in playgroups and the benefits of hand brooming over vacuuming...
by brookie *me meep** August 26, 2008

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