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showing excitement towards something
instead of saying skeet or ownage
its skeetage
Bizzle: hax
Misery: lies
Misery: I got a new drummer he is elite
Bizzle: skeetage
by Bm3ck1zzl3 June 08, 2006
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BmEcko pwnz at every game, if you see him you better run.
I got pwned by BmEcko :(
by Bm3ck1zzl3 April 09, 2005
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Basically the same as zomg or omg, but with more emphasis
z0mg=Z)MG while holding shift down.
BmEcko started using this alot in 2005
BmEcko: Z)MG i just totally pwned ur whole team, cough ACE
CT's: FU cheater
by Bm3ck1zzl3 February 22, 2006
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