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Perth is the best and most iscolated city in Australia. It is the capital city of its largest state. Perth has the best landscape and weather, with great beaches and mostly sunny days.

The people in perth are usually easy going and laid-back, (There are alot of hot guys in perth =)). There seem to be heaps of aboriginals, especially in the balga area. Most of these Aboriginals are druggies, or like to attack people in their spare time, but the rest of the population doesn't really take any notice of them.

People in perth generally spend their spare time at the beach, or shopping. The city is a popular place for gangs of teenagers to go shopping, as is the Galleria(Morely) and Karrinup. In the city there are often gangs of 'emos' that hang around and do nothing.

Overall, perth is a great city. The people are very laid back. Even though they provide more than half the countrys money, and get nothing in return. If your looking for somewhere that has great beaches, great weather, (hot guys!) and awesome people, perth is the place for you!

"Where can i go to for good beaches, good weather, hot guys and cool people?"

by blondette_pride December 04, 2007
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