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A clever combination of rofl, lol, and lmao!!

Football Stud: Fuck! My fiancée left me for a computer nerd!!

Steven Hawking: ...ROFLOLMAO!!
by Biomenace March 17, 2007
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The area directly in front of a urinal in the men's room where there is chronically a little puddle of foul urine. This is caused by the little drops at the beginning and end of the flow that don't make it into the urinal because the guy doesn't want to stick his dick right into the dirty thing. However, the drop zone is an accepted part of the male culture, as is the default three inches from the actual urinal that you must stand in order not to pick up some disease from virtually humping the thing to avoid an addition to the drop zone. (another unfortunate result of standing too close to a urinal is splashback when your piss hits the vertical wall and deflects back at you in a hail of little drops)
"Woah woah, son. Always watch out for the drop zone when you pee in this thing. Keep your legs spread a little and your feet in a slighly outward angle, and you won't step in it."
'Okay, dad.'

by BioMenace November 16, 2006
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The noun causing idiots to think of two girls sloppily eating each other's mighty vaginas, when they hear mention of someone being an actor.
George: Uh..uh.. So what're you doing with yourself these days, Tina?

Tina: Well I've really taken a shine to being a thespian! I'd been thinking about it almost constantly ever since junior high, and recently my roommate Julie really turned me on to it!

George: Oh!... Well! You had better not become a Catholic or a Muslim! They really don't like that kind of thing. I'm fine with it though! Hey, if you'd like, I can help you look for a nice gay bar to hang out in! *nods supportively*

Tina: ...uh...what?!
by BioMenace February 19, 2007
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meat* - hanky**

* (flesh, living or dead tissue of an animal)

** (A soft item used to discharge into, whether it be mucus from the nasal cavity, or otherwise.)


The orifice of a female mammal, usually the Vagina - (pronounced Vah-jinna.)

Can be used as an accessory to a variety of witty and charming pick-up lines, customarily followed by a slap in the face, forcible entry of foreign objects to the anal sphincter, or loud physical contact of hard objects to the proposer's testicular membrane.
"I wanna blow my cocksnot in your meathanky."

(Click to learn more about cocksnot.)
by BioMenace October 06, 2006
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A superficial enfatuation with a certain member of the celebrated elite, usually overtly sexual.

(see celebrity, celebrities)

Lane: Hello, Brian. I watched the Addams Family Values last night. Did you know that I have a Hollywood Crush on Christina Ricci in that specific movie??

Brian: ...You're twenty-one. Wasn't she twelve in that movie??

Lane: Oh yes.
by BioMenace February 25, 2007
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To go crazy wild and unfathomably insane!
(this includes but is not limited to a sexual frenzy)

A spawn of drunktardiness, legend says this word was originally created by a drunktard, and widely adopted since then.
Brandon: Aaaaaahahaahaaa... *stumbles* Man you are CRAZY! You are going fucking BUCKNUTTY!! You know what I mean when I say bucknutty, doncha?
Lane: Nope, I really have no clue.
Brandon: Like those COWBOYS, buckin their broncos and BUSTIN THEIR NUTTYS!!! AaAaaahahahhaaaa!!!


Dave: Holy shit dude, that goth girl from math class is a FREAK in bed. I went totally bucknutty with her. I didn't know I had it in me!!
Kevin: Let me take your picture and frame it.
by BioMenace October 26, 2006
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L33Tspeak for "Great Shot!"

Derived from a popular 1st person shooter game Call of Duty, where three buttons will produce a specific quick message. For example V-2-7 means "Need reinforcements!"

Lane: Joel, there's someone shooting you from behind!

Joel: *spins around, feeds a single bullet to the fucker's head*

Lane: Woah dude, V-3-5!!!
by BioMenace February 01, 2007
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