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to me, rap is a way of expressing one's self. so is rock. and i guess country is too (even though i personally dislike it). rap can talk about a certain life style, but it's not all about a thug's life. country expresses their loss of their dog, a pickup truck, or a woman with twang. another way to express themselves. and rock, which also takes another approach. if you are a rock OR rap lover, you will know that Jay-z (considered a grand daddy of rap) and linkin park ( a great rock group) made multiple remixes of their songs TOGETHER!! i think that you cant just say you hate rap or rock because they have different things to talk about. you'll never hear a group like green day talk about shootin up the block with their 9mm hangin out the caddy window. nore will you hear a rapper like paul wall talk about loosing their girlfriend that they loved. its just not the way they are, its different life styles.
there are blacks that sing with the gorillaz, and then there is eminem, bubba sparxx, and paul wall... which are main stream white rappers. its not about color, but about diversity and life styles.
by big ol' stud June 10, 2006
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