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An approach used by males in a nightclub when attempting to dance with a member of the opposite sex. The male scans the room and chooses a single, unsuspecting female whom he wishes to dance with. Usually, the chosen female is dancing with her female friends in a circle. She is also fairly attractive and out of his league. He then makes his way through the crowd, and as he reaches a certain proximity to his target, begins dancing. He slowly dances his way toward the chosen female, being as inconspicuous as possible. The female doesn't notice the male, and continues dancing with her friends. With the female's back still turned to him, the male makes a sudden, swift motion and begins to dance with the female, usually in a grinding or freaking manner. The success rate of this technique is very low, due to the lack of communication between the male and female prior to engaging in the dance. Thus, the technique often results in a shocked female turning around and to her dismay, seeing the drunken idiot that's trying to dance with her. At this point, the female only gives him dirty looks or even a slap in the face, and along with her friends, retreat to another region of the nightclub. The process then repeats from the beginning, until the nightclub closes.
Rain: Check it out dude, that guy is trying to pull a Phantom Freak on Lindsey!

Paolo: Dude, that guy has been Phantom Freaking every girl in this club!

Rain: Too bad it's never going to work. He fails!
by big train August 11, 2008

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A term used in online computer gaming to signify one or more kills with a grenade. Mainly applied to first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike.
Whoa! He just pwned 4 people with that nade! TOUCHDOWN!!
by big train July 23, 2008

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