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a hoe that is fat,a fat girl that sleeps with everybody a fat hoe
man look at that fat hoe I fucked her last night.
by big red July 05, 2004

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The Disco tea is a phrase used when a person is having a cup of tea before going out clubbing.

The Disco tea can have many variants, some of these are:
- Vodka Shots (be it the 3€ variety or grey goose, your choose)
- Schnapps (any flavour you like)
- Pretty much any alcoholic drink

You also could have some 'sprinkles' in your disco tea, this is were it gets fun, anything you want can be sprinkles but MDMA is the best.
Matt - Anyone for a disco tea ?
Rob - yes please 2 sugars, vodka shot and sprinkles
Paul - yes please, its my bday fuck it i'll have the same as rob
James - please, just sprinkles for me
by BIG RED October 04, 2012

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