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A problematic cowardly yet somewhat boring act. Usually executed in or around the Wimborne area.

Often involves complete utter cod Shit and inappropriate discussions on conspiracy theory, BMW statistics and certain kung foo moves.
That looser was at the Coach and Horses last night. Doing a Rossiter again attacking thin air with kung foo moves whilst talking utter cod shit about his 1997 beamer.
"punch me in the stomach" he said with a smug I can take it coz I'm hard look written all over his chevy chase.
by big gizzle September 26, 2013

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A self centred, arrogant and somewhat annoying act. Fuled by self indulgence super uber coolness and an unhealthy love for oneself. Generally spawned in the Cranborne area and can be seen stretching out a dang as far as Wimborne town.
Do not approach anyone who is about to do a Toby as the sheer uber coolness may cause one to internally combust.
I was up the Inn On The Chase last night. Outside I saw a flash of light and explosion of sheer and utter coolness.
When the uber cool smoke had gone it revealed the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life.
Boy o boy that Toby Thorne really knows allaboutdoingatoby...
Hey you guys did you see how fucking cool I am you should really learn all about doing a Toby. I'm so smoking hot right now you guys! And I'm probably the most mature guy you'll ever meet.
by big gizzle October 18, 2013

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