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Fellatious; adj.: 1) One who relishes the art of fellatio.

2) One who routinely engages in fellatio with many partners.

syn; Trashy, slutty, whorish, loose.
Diamond rings and fancy dinners often encourage women to become fellatious.
by Big Ben May 13, 2004

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Anchovi sauce originated in the English county of Worcestershire.
pronounced - wooster
by big ben September 29, 2003

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Muffincunt: 1) A vagina that is so large and swollen it appears to take the shape of a muffin, being rather bulbous.

2) A term of endearment used towards a lady who is fellatious, but has a heart of gold.
1) God, Tammy had such a muffincunt! It was disgusting!

2) God muffincunt, you crack me up!
by Big Ben September 12, 2004

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A cs player that was once a nub and now is a l33t c4k3
-d0 y0u n0 th4t l33t sh1bbl3?
by Big Ben March 16, 2005

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