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A sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococcal bacteria (bacteria, yay we can kill it! -- unlike AIDs, a virus, for those ignorant) that affects the natural lube/discharge producing areas of the nether regions, and is characterized by gross pus shit coming out of your instrument and painful or difficult urination, though women often have no detectable symptoms -- other than having insides which feel as though a beehive has been planted in them.
Poor guy, should've used a condom to feel around the crusty tinkers... maybe he could've prevented an outbreak of gonorrhea :(
by beep beep bitch! January 31, 2007
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Working out vigorously with full bowels, then trying too hard to get that 'last' sit-up. At least your whole anus didn't pop out, like has happened to some unfortunate weight lifters.
Weight lifter: *pant* *pant* uuHHUNNGHHT! *sploosh*
Random hot girl walking by: Aww gross... did you just shit-up?
by beep beep bitch! March 05, 2007
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When a man is making love with a woman, front-to-front, and suddenly (and often unexpectantly) flips her around for doggy-style copulation. The woman will respond negatively or positively depending on her kinky factor (KF); but it is always good to know a woman more intimately before trying this stunt. If the man is really jumpy, he will only be facing her, anterior-to-anterior with his erection between them before attempting this quick maneuver.
"Dave's such a wimp; he won't flip a bitch the first time they 'make love'."
by beep beep bitch! January 28, 2007
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