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A whiny apprentice electrician who-
1. dislikes all forms of comedy ie lacks all sense of humour
2. Has zero style, thinks flannos are the new chanel
3. has a 8am bedtime. dispises being awoken after this time even for 'sexual misadventures'- hence no. 4
4. a closet homosexual
5. Thinks being 90 kilos and posing for myspace in a bikini is attractive...
6. is known for taking 'large amounts of weed' regulary. accompanied by excessive drinking... because its amazing cool and shit
7. feels comfortable in his own filth.
8. is spoilt and always has to have things go his own way. or else we 'gonnna get it'.
9. baby. nuff said.
10. is confident with his own body shape- ie no muscle tone, weighs less than a baby goat
11. finds dirty mexican mo's sexy.
12. will hopefully have fun with his country beast of a slut
13. doesnt know what he threw away
14. centre of much payouts.
15. stuck up little cunt
lauren: "joel how are you today?"

jess: "so joel, what are you doing today?"
JOEL: "being a little bitch!"

prime example- joel.
by bazdelleavhjvda April 06, 2008

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