6 definitions by barpholemue groom

This term is used for extremely poop signal in your area. Signal so bad it gives you cancer
Oh no I have real bad poopynoigan right now I should move away before I get bolock cancer
by barpholemue groom October 3, 2022
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Term used for an extremely anorexic Donny that is on average 7 foot tall. they have a 50% chance of being born by climbing through the mothers mouth instead of being born normally because they just too tall. they also have a habit of making fun of people with people with cerebral pausley. me fr
hey look at that lanky Srelper. bet he about to kick that disabled boy over there. ONO
by barpholemue groom January 29, 2023
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The term used for an ancient fighting style gone by the name of "tyoe" where the users would only use their legs to fight opponents. be aware this is mostly used by disabled people with no legs. Also be aware the creator of this style has no legs. beware risk of legs snapping in two is a common case with tyoe users.
I shall use the style of tyoe to defeat my enemy but may encounter a broken leg due to overuse of trauma. ono my leg broke.
by barpholemue groom December 26, 2022
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the term used to describe someone using the ancient fighting style of tyoe when a person uses only their legs to fight. Be aware this style was made by a man with no legs.
i shall use the ways of tyoe to defeat my enemy. but i may destroy my toes
by barpholemue groom December 26, 2022
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That noigan cant perform sex due to lack of mobility and lack of genitals
by barpholemue groom August 30, 2022
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A name to describe a man called zack who is mentally delusional in the thinking that they are not femboys and have multiple personalities. They will often talk about the fact they "talk to women" and will always be in denial of things they do not perceive themselves to be.
Zack- im not an artyerty im just a normal human being just as all of you.
by barpholemue groom February 25, 2023
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