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short for "forum retard." When an individual posts a question or answer to a forum topic that is at least a year old.
01/05/2005 - from JYM: Do you think the stock market will go up or down today?

01/06/2010 - from lost7: It will definitely go up.

01/06/2010 - from jim5: Dude, that question is 5 years old! You're a forum tard . . . .
by bangalore19 January 08, 2010

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The indentation left by a wedding ring that lets everyone know that you're married even when it's taken off
Guy at Bar: Hey there, beautiful!
Girl at Bar: Hi. Are you married?
Guy: Um, no.
Girl: Nice perma-ring you got there
Guy: Oh. yeah.
by bangalore19 August 23, 2011

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