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A clumsy shy girl who is a bigger crybaby than me. She is the sailor soldier (or guardian) who fights for love and justice! Her birthday is June 30th, and her birthstone is a pearl. her blood type is O. Her family is: Shingo Tsukino (brother Ikuko Tsukino (mother ) Kenji Tsukino (Father ) Mamoru Chiba (boyfriend/ Future husband) and Usagi Small Lady Serenity( future daughter.) Her best friend is Naru Osaka And the other sailor scouts (Mars (Rei Hino) Mercury (Ami Mizuno) Jupiter (Makoto Kino) Venus (Minako Aino) Pluto (Setsuna Meio) Uranus(Haruka Tenoh) and Neptune (Michiru Kaio).
ima go watch usagi Tsukino hug chibi usa cuz izzzz cute ::::::::::)
by baby don't hurt me no more January 21, 2018