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a green blue orange pink purple haired freak , who dedicated all their time and life towards kpop and most of u have an unhealthy obsession with certain groups and members to the point where you cry over things they do or say. a lot of you cannot even function in the real world cause you can’t even build up the courage to talk to your own parents. you sit in your room all day and your every thought is kpop , some of you above the age 18 also sit on twitter and dedicate your whole life to kpop, think about it.... a lot of you also force other people into acting how you do on twitter “ TW // body image 🥺🥺 “ , it’s like you can’t be yourself on there or you will literally get ratioed and dragged. and again those of you who are above 18 and are about 23 - 25 NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER. THANK YOU !!
she’s a kpop stan .... don’t touch her ...
by arielle409 November 21, 2020

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