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Hitlery is a common way of adressing Hillary Clinton.

The reason people mingle the names of Hillary and Hitler is because it is well known that if she is elected president she will install a dictatorship much like Hitler did. All freedom loving people and patriots will be arrested and put in camps or simply shot. Stalin and Hitler would be made to look like sunday school kids next to her.
Hitlery sez: if you are working hard and make a lot of money, I'm gonna take it away from you to give it to the lazy bums who can't be bothered to learn in school and work hard... as long as they are loyal dumb-o-crats of course!
People will be praying for another Bush presidency once she has been in office for a year or so.
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006

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The KKK was formed by members of the US democrat party who were bitter about losing the civil war. They didn't like it that the republican party advocated that slavery was evil. Slavery should be legal according to the democrats before the civil war.

One of it's most prominent early leaders was Nathan Bedford Forrest.
The local KKK organization called on it's members to vote for the democrat candidate because the democrat supported segregation. They don't like it that the republicans supported freeing the slaves.

(this is actually seriously true, and not a fabrication)
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006

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gay marriage is a concept of 2 people of the same sex getting married. It is completely nonsensical.
gay marriage is not a civil right, but a special right. After all, the rules for marriage are ALREADY the same for EVERYONE:

1 single consenting male adult + 1 single consenting female adult

there you have it, that rules applies to everyone. And to any gay man wanting to get married: find yourself a good woman because that is what I would have to do as well. We are completely equal, I couldn't marry another guy either.
by anti-communist/anti-fascist May 25, 2006

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