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Small and dangerous religious cult apparently run by someone known as the Reverend Fairinheight451, who may or may not also be the same person as the MSN troll Michelson-Morely. That MM is active in this cult is clear from the latter's references to the experiment on which he bases his nic.

The group puts on a humorous, Situationist exterior but this covers a serious paranoia and a resultant cult complex. They believe a small clique is controlling the world, and publish a regular bulletin, "World Domination".

Their name is a play on Branch Davidians, the name of the cult slaughtered at Waco.
The antics of several characters with links to this group, which may be either indoctrinated cult members or multiple ID's of the cult leader, have caused havoc on Anarchist Alliance and other MSN groups, where they take their intolerant views to the point of accusing others without foundation of being Nazis and starting flame wars over trivial issues.
by anti-Nazi expose September 20, 2004
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Member of the Branch Floridians sect involved with running Rasputin-linked websites, Consuela is one of the people - or fake nics - who took over Anarchist Alliance on behalf of this sect.

Consuela may be a fake ID for Michelson-Morely. Watch out for these people (or this person), they are dangerous.
Consuela, as with other Michelson-Morely ID's, is a female ID. Michelson-Morely spreads confusion by using both male and female ID's.
by anti-Nazi expose September 20, 2004
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Apparently named after an old pop song, this ID is one of the group of cult members and/or fake ID's of Michelson-Morely and his Branch Floridians cult. The group recently attempted to take over the Anarchist Alliance MSN group.
The bird must have some peculiar symbolism to it. c.f. Birdsong.
by anti-Nazi expose September 20, 2004
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One of Michelson-Morely'smany alternate ID's used during trolling operations. The nic is probably a reference to the bizarre beliefs and practices of the Branch Floridian cult, to which Michelson-Morely apparently belongs.
All of Michelson-Morely's alternate personalities spout the same brand of extremist capitalist and Nazi shit, and display the same intolerance for dissent.
by anti-Nazi expose September 20, 2004
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Alternative nic used on MSN by the Nazi troll Michelson-Morely. He expresses his gender confusion by making some of his characters, such as this one, women. However, it is clear that they are all the same person from their identical beliefs and mannerisms.
Michelson-Morely is such a sad little git that he feels the need to invent extra personalities to be his friends. What a wanker.
by anti-Nazi expose September 20, 2004
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