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By far one of the worst states in the U.S.A. Its very hot about 5 months out of the year (100F +). No cold water in the faucet during those months - the cold water simply turns hot. So the plus side is that you have free hot water during the summer.

The bad:

No cultural diversity except for mexicans

White trash and west coast trash everywhere


It is the 49th dumbest state in the country according to the goverment spending per student and drop out rate

Overabundance of crystal meth

There is nothing to do in Arizona except for hiking and desert watching

The worst drivers on the planet

People with confederate flags in their yards

No variety of international foods except for burritos and salsa

No cultural places like on east coast

Did I mention white trash??.. YES

For the exception of Scottsdale which is full of rich white folks you really dont want to live anywhere else in Arizona since you'll be surrounded by illegal mexicans or legal white trash (don't know which ones are worse). I'm not saying snobby rich white republicans are better but hey at least they're cleaner than the other two.

Really is the dumbest, most inbred state in the country

People have some kind of defect since birth here which makes them some what retarded with IQ of a bird.. sorry that would be an insult for a bird.. lets say a dead moth (sorry moth, i had to use something)

They all voted for Bush and McCain

The Good about Arizona:

Guns are legal so you can fend off white trash

North AZ is nice and much cooler than South AZ

Despite all the inbreeding done in this sate the women (predominantly in Scottsdale) are hot and slutty enough to take home after a few drinks. They're mostly out of town though.

ASU is the University in Tempe, AZ which is one of better schools in the Country (don't know why they'd have it in the dumbest state though).

... Thats pretty much it.
Guy1: Hey where are you from?

White Trash: Dang ol' dang, whoo heee darn it!! I'm from A-ARIZONA!
by alsdfajsdlfzncvlkw August 25, 2008
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