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More than a mere cocksman, an Iron Cocksman wields his cock like no other, using it as both a wand of ultimate pleasure and a rod of absolute destruction.
The hot jupe was sprawled on the floor, exhausted and depleted, the latest victim of the Iron Cocksman. She would never be the same again.
by Almighty Banyan August 03, 2005

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Noun: A title granted to one who is worthy of such a title. Aspects of worthiness include (but are not limited to) Intelligence, Bravery, Might, and Honor.
"God Damn! John just uprooted a tree with his bare hands!"
"He is Banyan!"
by Almighty Banyan April 04, 2003

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A term originally used to describe a specific porn star. Most people have a cock, then balls, then an asshole. Dick Balls Dick represents one who seems to somehow have more cock between his balls and his asshole. Best described as cock, then balls, then some more cock, then asshole.
Oh boy, another porn starring Dick Balls Dick (also known as the Sharpei Scrot)
by Almighty Banyan August 03, 2005

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One whose scrotum seems to have an overwhelming number of folds.
I can tell by the telltale Sharpei Scrot which porn star that is!
by Almighty Banyan August 03, 2005

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...so you're banging some chick on the floor, and you notice your buddy is creeping toward you naked, ready to join in the action. He is the Slitherer!
I'm wapping some jupe on the floor when suddenly The Slitherer oozes over the couch with ham in hand, ready for action.
by Almighty Banyan August 03, 2005

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The frightening mask worn by Him, the Him Mask is a white face dominated by a huge black-outlined smile, no nose, and evil eyebrows. A large mass of black hair also seems to be part of this mask.
I wore my Him Mask last year for Halloween... I scared the SHIT out of hundreds of children.
by Almighty Banyan April 04, 2003

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Justin DaDoom was a Drow Elf Assassin circa 1986. After joining as a mere initiate, he eventually rose up through the ranks of the Assassin's Guild, ultimately becoming the Grandfather of Assassins after defeating the Grandmother of Assassins in hand to hand combat.

Justin DaDoom is best known for the Curse he laid upon one of his foes: "Every Time You Run, You Fall Down". Needless to say, that foe spent the remainder of his life either moving slowly or tumbling about.

Another well-known fact about Justin is that he HATED Stinky Vaginas, as his father before him also hated them. There was little known to repulse the DaDoom males more than Stinky Vag.

Justin DaDoom also enjoyed belching profusely, which he barely managed to keep under control while in Stealth Mode.

Some of Justin DaDoom's traveling companions included Telyx, Nemesis Tor'turre, Zontar, Jarga Sin, and Celedon Kierney.

Justin amassed great wealth during his lifetime, including all of the following artifacts:
Vorpal Sword +5
Bastard Sword +6
Sling of Seeking +5
Elven Chainmail +6
Gauntlets of Ogre Power/Swimming/Dexterity/Climbing
Ring of Chameleon Power
Ring of Free Action
Ring of Spell Turning
Browning Automatic Rifle

When last seen, he was being tutored by Nemesis Tor'turre in the ways of magic, and had attained 10th level as a Mage in addition to his 20th level as an Assassin.

As the party entered the chamber of the Ice Queen, Justin began to sniff the air with disdain.

"Orcs?" Telyx asked.

"No" replied Justin DaDoom, releasing a thunderous and long-lasting belch... "Stinky Vag. I HATE STINKY VAG!!!"

And then The Ice Queen materialized before them, enraged beyond all words. The battle began immediately.
by Almighty Banyan April 09, 2008

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