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The same word as outragous, but abreviated.
Man, yesterday was sweet!

No man, it was RAJUS!

That party was hella rajus!

That man fan is not rajus, man
by all the names are taken October 24, 2006
wait a minute. roots in prehistoric times in digital history with vcrs
hey man, press the pause button, i need to think
by all the names are taken September 16, 2007
When two peoples fingers go in between each others. Male male interdigitizing is often awkward.
When I gave Matt a high five we interdigitized resulting in an awkward silence.

Sara and Tom were interdigitizing showing their affection for each other.
by all the names are taken March 24, 2007
A man who is attracted to other men.
Dude, he's such a man fan!

Stop checking me out. Dont be such a man fan!

What, are you a man fan?
by all the names are taken August 25, 2006
to school somebody, thus giving them a pee chee folder
You just got pee cheed man!

Do that again and I'll pee chee you

ready to get pee cheed
by all the names are taken October 26, 2006
a product that is created because another product did very well

the following product does not need to be of the same media but if they are the they usually are not as good as the original.
There are a lot of Star Wars after products such as legos.

Disney's Pirates of the Carribean movie series is an after product of the Disneyland ride of the same name.
by all the names are taken January 4, 2007