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In reviewing the general definitions given for this term
it could well be said that the word life, in the term
life sucks is an acronym meaning "losing in fucking
everything" !! Therefore, the addition of the term sucks
is appropriate!! So fuck it! Might as well laugh about
Person talking to a friend: "I just got my truck back from
the body shop and some asshole turned too soon and tore
my hood off AGAIN !! Man I can't win" !!!

Friend: "Yeah life sucks" !!!
by alaska trucker March 23, 2008

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A condition that occurs when a yuppie or other arrogant
asshole crashes, ends up in a ditch, upside down, etc.
immediately after making a really stupid driving move.
SUV tries driving 65mph on icy highway, passes on two lane
with oncoming traffic, slides off road and into ditch,rolls
onto roof. Gee, now cell phone, on-star, etc. doesn't seem to work when upside down.

State Patrol / Wrecker driver: "Damn what happened here"?!!

Witness: "He had a "prick flat" !!!
by Alaska trucker March 23, 2008

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What you wish was there to catch you when you pass out
at your computer desk and fall out of your chair!
Person 1: I've gotta get me one of those ethernet's. I
just about broke my glasses last night working too late on
the computer.

Person 2: What??!! How can you break your glasses working
on the computer??!!

Person 1: I passed out, fell out of my chair and there was
no "ethernet" there to catch me.
by alaska trucker March 26, 2008

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