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To grab who you hate's neck, put their arm over the arm you are using pick up and slam. I did it to kid who was annoying me on concrete, he split his head open and had stitches.
Damn. I chokeslammed that paki yesterday because he is gay.
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A horrible shitty town surrounded by great towns such as Bury, oldham, radcliffe,etc. They steal things from Bury residents because they are inbred (e.g their father is their grandmother,their uncle is their mother) They welcome things like Netto which is a horrible shop. They worship Gods such as 'Peter Evans' and 'Ila pakistanio immigrante' and is therefore crapper than a 3rd world country it is horrible and stinks of shit like sewers.
arsehole: Hey guys lets go Rochdale.
Me: Do I know you, and you mean Roach-dale. And No its full of what appears to be homeless people living in big cardboard boxes.
Friend: They call them 'flats', when, they are much worse!
Me:(twatting arsehole) you rochdale bastad go on eat the roaches!
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