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'Dogity' is a noun expression that relates to love and care for dogs as our pets. it has similar connotation like 'Humanity" but i believe, DOGITY to some extent trades off with humanity. There are many people in the society very conscious and caring about pets, mostly the pet dogs but quite careless about humans likes neighbors, relatives and even the own parents.
one my friend asked me what is, being an immigrant from one of the least developed countries, view about humanity in the develop society. i answered, i see both humanity and 'Dogity' equally prevalent in this society whereas the dogity is almost absent from the society i came from.
by ABUUSA August 24, 2011
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Clintoneous defines the character of a man with the habit of cheating wife and with loose character flirting with interns, students or someone of unequal status and age.
I have a frined who is fifty plus of age and an university professor. It was revealed recently he tries to flirt wth his female students and do favor his female student giving them unusually good grades. He has been charged with sexual harassment of one of his female students.

I am now very afraid he may lose his job for his
ClINTONEOUS character.
by ABUUSA February 19, 2011
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'ikea (i know everything about) mentality' can be used as a phrase expression about a person with supercilliary attitude, belittling others. one who always thinks, s/he knows more than other people.
one my friend once told me they have a co-worker, very histaminic and does't have respect for others and she thinks nobody equals her amongst us, and we all feel really bad. i advised him, just ignore her IKEA MENTALITY.
by ABUUSA October 30, 2011
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humans has a biological name called homosapien. there is, in fact, very little difference between human baby and offspring
from other animals when they are newly born. as we grow up we acquire the attributes of humans. we gather knowledge, develop wisdom and learn behaving as rational beings. but many fail to develop those faculties. they act like half animal and half human. and those people can be called ANIMAN/ANIMEN.
a killer raper abducted a child, then molested and mutilated the child. hearing this story my friend commented, that guy is neither a man nor an ANIMAN' nor an animal, rather a sub-animal.
by ABUUSA July 19, 2011
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Exprerexia is a word to mean a kind of personality or behavioral eating problem with excessive preoccupation for eating healthy or healthy food. This disorder is described back in 1997 by the term Orthorexia but this compound word, Orthorexia is not well-expressive of the meaning, per se. I believe, Exprerexia would be better term for this specific condition. The word should be pronounced as (ex-pre-rek-sia)
exprerexia, orthoprexia, preoccupation, obsessive , healthy eating, healthy food
by ABUUSA October 02, 2016
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