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(n.) person (gender indeterminate) willing to couple with anyone and/or anything capable of providing sexual gratifiaction.
Matt is a manwhore with few standards; however, John has proven himself to be nothing less than an omniwhore after actively participating in that donkey show.
by A. Friend September 24, 2007

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(v) The act of squirreling away coveted objects, drugs, or paraphernalia while geeking. The subject often forgets where the items are stashed and destroys his habitat in search of the items.

(n) The specific subject prone to perform acts of a J-Squirrel or often caught Squirreling.

* See Also: Squirreling
1.) J-Squirrel geeked out last night, destroyed his camper looking for his stash not knowing he had consumed it all the day before.

2.) Yo, homie, Jim was up all night looking for where he stashed his drugs. What a J-squirrel.
by A. Friend September 07, 2006

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n - {par-uht-sahyt} - A fervent follower of all things Jimmy Buffet. Typically a no life, middle-aged, pot-bellied, balding alcoholic that hangs around in karaoke bars singing (butchering) “Margaritaville” or “Cheeseburger in Paradise” to try and attract a mate only to end up going home alone and cross-dressing while his dog licks his legs.
John: Hey, you wanna come play poker that the Parrot Pub tonight?
Us: Nope, that place is too full of Parrotsites.
by A. Friend June 07, 2007

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A woman who will not stop her inane 24/7 chattering except when you are nailing her like shingles to a roof.
Me: Sweet Jesus, my balls hurt!

Dave: What happened, or do I want to know?

Me: Elida will not STFU for 5 seconds about her daily activities! Who cares who used sugar in their coffee at work! The only way to make her stop is when I am riding her until she bleeds! My god! I had to do it 6 times last night just to get some sleep! What a fucking chatterpus!
by A. Friend November 24, 2008

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A successive chain of vomitting sparked by a preliminary vomit incident. Typically seen at high school or college frat parties; however, they can also exist outside of these natural habitats.
Hallie was so wasted last night she threw up all over Matt. After that, it turned in to a regular vomit rodeo.
by A. Friend August 28, 2007

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A private place, usually a tent, where one can perform evil deeds in relative privacy. Commonly used by pornographers or people who are geeking in order to hide illicit materials from others who may covet them.
Yo man, Dave was geeking so he took his stash for some quality tent time.
by A. Friend September 07, 2006

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The socially devastating shockwaves resulting from REPEATED shifts in absolute political control within a government or organization. This can be through general elections, coups, rebellions, mergers, etc.
The constant shifts between absolute Republican control and absolute Democrat control of the US Congress and Presidency has caused politiquakes affecting the economy, foreign relations, and civil harmony.
by A. Friend October 24, 2008

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