1 definition by a skilled person.

otherwise best describe as insane. Love's to be part of spur of the moment things.Always seeking an adventure. Never has a dull moment. Very caring and sensitive. Is everyone's friend until their's a reason present not to be.Has BIG dreams,and will fufill them all. Pushes the limit,way to far sometimes. Love's looking for the thrill of things,just for the adrenaline rush. Very funny,ditzy,sweet and a bitch when needed. Always lives life to the fullest. Is their for everyone and anyone when in need. Like's to take time out of life and sit outside gazing at the stars,smoking a cig. Summer is the favorite season at the Jersey shore.She loves the taste of Captain Morgan,Cigarettes,oh,she adore's them,She can get a little crazy sometimes,She'll dance and drink her life away.
their's only one and only one,
by a skilled person. April 25, 2011
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