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The YouTuber that will soon conquer the scene with his amazing tutorial videos like "How to Climb Over the Fence", "How to Hide From Your Fish", and "How to Impress the Girls". He is set to gain over 100 million subscribers by 2020, and will soon overtake PewDiePie and T-Series in the race for the new YouTube play button. His tutorials educate billions around the world, and will soon spread to other parts of the universe. With his videos. we will soon be able to accomplish anything. Truly the definition of a god, and is up there along with Tongo, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and The Floundering Fish. A Latvian man everyone should truly respect, subscribe to, and click the bell for notifications.
Woah! Gatis Kandis is so cool! I wanna be like him when I grow up! He teaches me so much!
by a nub November 8, 2018
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The nourishing breakfast everybody needs in their life. Consume Quaker Oats and you will become nearly as omnipotent as the Quaker Oats man himself. Every oat, whether it be instant or cooked, is packed with the energy and stat points you need to succeed in life. Legend has it that the Quaker Oats man placed 3 godly stat points in each savory oat. Eat it with applesauce, with fish, or with pineapples- Quaker Oats is what you need for your steps toward omnipotence. The Quaker Oats Man is one of many gods, others including Gatis Kandis and Tongo. Shoutouts to them.
I'm look forward to tomorrow's heart-healthy breakfast of Quaker Oats!
by a nub November 9, 2018
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