2 definition by a fan forever, even if they arent popular

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1) a band, it doesnt matter what "scene", if you dont know them, you were never meant to

2) stands for a fire inside
"afi was never that popular, so why dose everyone hate them?"

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every punk/emo/whatever knows that before good charlotte became "popular" because of mtv and/or hot topic they used to like them. you know that you used to cry whenever you heard the motivation proclamation, and you were at the hfstival when they were first introduced, playing the festival song. good charlotte was very good before they became popular, and becoming popular wasnt their fault. just like afi, the offsring, my chemical romance, bob marley and other bands like that.
back in 1997:

guy 1: "i'm realistic and narsicistic. you say i'm selfish and aubsurd."
guy 2: dude, im going to see them **good charlotte** in concert this weekend

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