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The former entry level vehicle for Honda Motor Co. luxury line Acura. Replaced by the RSX, the Acura Integra is a favorite pick among the import performance crowd. Statistically one of the most favorite cars among thieves.
by a citizen September 18, 2003

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A high school in northern Richmond Hill which no ones heard of. It is a pretty shit high school commonly confused with as Richmond Green. The school is the size of the mens washroom in silvercity, tiny as fuck. It is populated with 2/3 asians, 1/6 persians and 1/6 jews. The classes are shitty and a whiteboard is a rare occurence. They suck in every sport but math teams and nerd shit and they still have the worst fans ever. The school budget is near 36 cents and for some god forsaken reason we host sporting events in our small tiny ass gym. The football field look like a couple of cows shit on it and a pile of dirt was made. There are afghans that have been here since 1986 because they cannot pass a grade 12 course. They have nothing better to do than go to the forest and smoke weed.
Bob: Hey what school do you go to?
James: Oh, Richmond Hill High School. RHHS
Bob: Do you mean Richmond Green?
James: Naw, its some ghetto school. Dont worry you probably haven't heardof it.
by A citizen December 09, 2013

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An extinct pocket-sized subcompact car that was easily toppled off it's super economy throne by some other subcompacts-the Toyota Echo and Kia Rio. Seats 4-5 small people. Loses power when you turn on the A/C. Easily outwitted and outperformed by your average mass transit line bus. Cheap lousy transportation. See also Suzuki swift.
===Oh no! He's pedaling faster and he's catching up to us! Step on it and go faster!
===I can't! It's a Geo!
by a citizen September 18, 2003

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