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Frequent voice mail caller on The Howard Stern Show mostly between 2003 and 2005. He was nicknamed Hateman after repeated angry and racist voice mails against blacks, hispanics, asians, west indians, the catholic church and some celebrities.

Hateman is also extrememly sexually attracted to Robin Quivers and will usually leave a sexual message directed at her towards the end of his rants.

He has recently began calling into the show again on Sirius after a long hiatus with his first message left on June 6th, 2006.

To this day no one on the show knows who he really is although Artie Lange has speculated that his accent is either from Staten Island or Brooklyn.
Howard Stern: "Hateman went to town on you again Robin because you lost weight and he's all worked up"

Hateman (via Voice mail 09-06-2007): "Hey Robin my fine little monkey bitch, how you doin' baby? You slimming down huh? Dr. Ronnie's got you in fighting shape. Well I'll tell you what, I wanna pound that pussy and have Dr Ronnie give me a high colonic while I'm in you. But she's got to give me the high colonic with her fucking toungue that rich doctor bitch. This better not be another one of your fucking fads like your magic elixer last time. I don't know you go on these unrealistic diets, and then like you balloon back up. You can't keep doing that to your system bitch, know what I mean? ALL I KNOW IS THAT I WANNA TAKE OUT THIS GODDAMN TROSWER TROUT FUCKING SNAKE THROUGH MY PANTS AND STICK IT RIGHT IN YOUR YAP YOU NIGGER BASTARD. YOU'RE GOING LICK ME YOU FUCKING COON. YOU KNOW THAT I WANT IT YOU BLOWHEAD FUCK. I WANNA TUG ON THOSE DREADS AND HAVE YOU LICK MY ASSHOLE. THAT'S RIGHT, AND THEN I'LL LICK YOUR FUCKING CUNT. AHHHHH, YOU FINE LITTLE MOCHA SKIN BITCH. YOU KNOW THAT I WANT IT BAD. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS WHITE FUCKING COCK, I WANNA GIVE YOU MY WHITE HOT STICKY LOAD I'LL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE-"

<Cut off by voice mail system>

Howard Stern: "Oh my god, he's so obsessed with you"

Robin Quivers: "Yeah, but where is he...?"

Howard Stern: "I want Dr Ronnie to give him that high colonic"

Artie Lange: "I'm impressed that Hateman clearly managed to come up with the 13 bucks a month for Satellite"
by Zorba The Swamp Monster December 12, 2007