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1. Tasty Kidney stones.

2. Testicles. That is all.
1. I got real sick, then went to the hospital so they could remove my dick tators.

2. Last night this bitch was chokin on my Dick Tators, but then she asked if she could return them cuz they had hair on them.

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The leaving of a shit stain on a girl's upper lip by first engaging in anal sex and then rubbing the shit on her upper lip.
I told that bitch to bend over to the front n touch her toes, then gave her the Hitler!

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2 definitions:

1. The point in the play Caesar, where Julius Caesar is betrayed by his fellow Romans and stabbed to death.

2. A sexual version of the tragedy, where several men surround a woman and stab her with their penises.
1. "Neil, what happened in Act 2 of the play Caesar?"
"That was the death of caesar!"

2. "Last night me and my buds found a hitch-hiker chick and we gave her the death of caesar!"

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