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Acronym for Thanks For The Memories, rapidly becoming an internet colloquialism. It's generally appended to a winning remark to enhance a user's satisfaction upon victory over a situation.

The phrase is also a play on the Fall Out Boy single "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs".
AkiraBoss: you only won cause i have a noob team and bad lag
AkiraBoss: wanna 1v1 and i'll show you who's noob?
modestdude: gg tftm

JellyBurger: i'm not a feeder if my score is 3-12
AnyoneWithABrain: rofl gg tftm
by Zhe Wang July 26, 2007

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The High School Town Bicycle. That promiscuous and ubiquitous girl in secondary college who rooted every other bloke except you. Now that you've come of age, she's throwing herself at you but has become the quintessential skank no one dares tread. You now realise that you will never experience the magnificence that is the Hicycle in her glory day.
Rob: Hey dude, guess who I'm hitting?
Andrew: Who?
Rob: Carey!
Andrew: Ew man, that Hicycle? That's sloppy infiniticisms.
Rob: Aw.

Hey Olly, remember Jacinta, she was totally the opposite of a Hollywood Hicycle.
by Zhe Wang November 15, 2010

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