1 definition by Zack M. and Davis K.

Full name: Trogdor the Burninator. A mythical dragon that first appeared in a Strong Bad email response from www.homestarrunner.com. He is a "wingaling" dragon who has "lots of majesty" and "angry eyebrows". He has a "beefy arm" coming out of the back of his neck for "good measure". As the story is told, Trogdor was a dragon who "burninated" the countryside, peasants, people, and the thatched roof cottages. Then, he comes in the night. As Strong Bad tells it, some people are trying to get him to send Trogdor over to their houses. There is also a Trogdor song and game, in which it describes his fateful journey and how he must triumph against all of mankind. His only weaknesses are to be "sworded" or "arrowed".
by Zack M. and Davis K. January 3, 2004
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