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Thed is a drinking game which was popularized at Ramapo College in the early 80s by ZBT Fraternity in which the object of the game is to sink a ping-pong ball into all of the other teams cups before they get all of yours.


The rules of Thed vary based on the "house rules" but the general rules are as follows:

1. Two teams of two sets up a triangle shaped configuration of (10) 7oz cups at the ends of the rectangular table and fill them with 4 ounces of beer each. The triangle set-up is 4-3-2-1.

2. Players from each side take turn shooting. Their hand must not cross the midway point of the table while shooting.

3. If they make a shot, the other team drinks that cup.

4. If they sink the both shots into the same cup, the opposing team has to drink two cups of beer and lose their turn.

5. If the ball comes back over the midway point of the table, full contact to retrieve/protect the ball is allowed.

6. If someone knocks over one of their own cups or hits the ball before it bounces or hits a cup they must drink one of their own cups.

7. Each time a ball is sank, the cups are re-racked into a more formidable configuration.

8. After a team wins by sinking the ball into the last cup, the losing team must drink all the cups remaining on the winning side that they did not make.

9. The winning team continues playing on the table until they are defeated or the beer runs out.
Drew and Eric got their asses kicked at Thed by Spud and his blow-up doll girlfriend.
by ZBTZetaDelta May 17, 2010
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