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A combination of the three Major cities (Houston Atlanta,and Vegas. excluding Miami) known for their strippers/video vixens and nightlife that seems to go on into day because you will can never see pass the neon lights.

Any strip club.

It's also city of the mind, Houstatlantavegas, a place where all the strippers cry real tears in between shifts but their mascara never runs. Where Drake will always be in Someway depressed about his lack of connection with the stripper proving his entertainment who almost become nameless faces in his life , staring at his own reflection in the mirror and seeing a life projected back at him that he's not entirely comfortable with. Success is rotten. He's shifting from foot to foot in the strip club's bathroom, everything blurry around the edges and bright like neon from the Lean. He's going to walk back out there and tell her how much she means to him. Still, he can't help himself; he imagines the event like a scene from a movie and he can't help but critique all the performances, his own especially. So he stands there, paralyzed, Aubrey Graham as Drake and his reflection in the bathroom mirror. She's trapped in Houstatlantavegas, but if she can accumulate enough scratch she can leave. In Drake's shoulders and eyes you can read the expression of someone who cannot make the same claim about his own exit from the prison he himself has erected.

Notable Residents: Sad strippers, Anonymous customers, Drake
Matt and David leaving the strip club. Walking to the car

Matt looks across the roof of the car to David.


David-"was up"

Matt"was it me or did you see Amy from high school dancing on the pole"

David getting in the car"yeah I know that's why we left"

Matt-"You knew"

Both now sitting in the car.

David-"She told me about it online. When I saw her inside before."


David-"She said that she is was doing it momentarily you know Saving for college"

Matt-"I guess she has to do what she has to do its not like we have any moral high ground we are just Anonymous customers throwing ones in the air for her"

David-" Right but the thing is she told me that Two Years ago"

Matt-" I guess shes just stuck in Houstatlantavegas"

David- "maybe she can make her way out of that addictive lifestyle"

Drake's Music plays in the background as David and Matt pull away from the parking lot of club Houstatlantavegas.
by Yung broccoli March 18, 2013
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Lodi is a small town in Northern California. This is full of cowboys, wanna be gang members, wanna be cowboys and a bunch of 40 year old moms who are addicted to reality tv shows and wine.
Person who lives in town: Hey bro.. you see my new lifted truck? I’m such a cow boy. Lodi is the best for us wanna be rednecks
by Yung broccoli August 24, 2019
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