5 definitions by Yung Melo

A "G Man Ting" is the ultimate G
He is undefeated at everything
Nothing can stop these mans
If you dare call yourself one without earning the title through proper ranking, you shall be terminated by Babatunde and his army :)
*Playing GTA V*
Kid - Hey dickhead
Me - Do you know who you are talking to ah? I am de G Man Ting ah
Kid - Oh shit plz dont kill me master
by Yung Melo November 10, 2020
An adjective for some wack or nasty shit
1: Hey mate you wanna sip some wine,
2: Aw hell nah, that's kaife

1: Hey mate, how about some country music
2: Ayo chill fam, that's kaife
by Yung Melo September 29, 2020
Direct Translation: Fat Neek
Basically if someone uses this word, they automatically qualify as a stinkin slimy fat neek.
Stewart: 'Monmook"
What it means: I'm a fat neek
by Yung Melo December 15, 2020
Directly translates to "I am a fat neek" in big man ting language
Meaning if you say this word you are instantly considered a fat neek. End of conversation :D
Stewart "Monmook"
Actual meaning: I am a fat neek
by Yung Melo December 15, 2020
Babatunde's favourite snack
He eat it and smoke it everyday
He love the grape tree, the tastiest tree in all of de jungle
Babatunde- Ah i am eating grape from de grape tree
by Yung Melo November 18, 2020