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The term Hella Timers is a phrase used by confused middle schoolers and high schoolers. This term is used in reference to the hourglass symbol beside their streaks. This hourglass represents that their streak is about to end. Hella Timers basically means that someone is about to lose a lot of their streaks. This term was also misunderstood by up and coming Clinton, N.C. rapper, A-Way, who mistakenly thought it was a disease.
A-Way: "Bro, I forgot to send my streaks today, I got Hella Timers."
Lil Davey: "Oh shoot man, lets take a pic."
by Yung A-Way December 13, 2019
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Taking a bong rip of just straight tobacco. Usually results in puking your guts up.
"Yo, John just took a t-slap to the face and it went straight to his dome."
"Yea, I heard he passed out and busted his chin on the concrete."
by Yung A-Way November 8, 2021
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