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noun, 1. Overzealous supporter. 2. Surprise-attack accoster. 3. Anyone wearing more buttons than articles of clothing. 4. A bad person in support of a good person.

adv, obamatronic
"Hey, sorry I'm late for work. I was nabbed by a gaggle of obamatrons."

"The show was great, except that there was an obamatron in the front that yelled after every single word the singer said.
by Yukon Fonz March 03, 2008

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noun, 1. when a zealot presses his opinion on someone already in agreement with him to the point that the other person changes their mind just to spite him. 2.a nation of obamatrons.
"We were talking about how the new parking restrictions on the street were ridiculous, but he wouldn't shut up about it. Eventually I told him that I hope they tow his ass."

"We were totally cool about everything, but now we can't even talk -- it's a total obamanation."
by Yukon Fonz March 03, 2008

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