251 definitions by Your mom

a semi-liquid collection of fecal matter lodged in or near the opening of the excrement unloading zone.2. a foolish or stupid person.
he was up to the second knuckle trying to dig out a buttbooger.2. hey buttbooger,get out of my way.
by Your mom September 4, 2003
James Bond uses a PPK, and Caesar salads never stood a chance.
by Your mom July 19, 2003
generally, boppers are those people who make ugly ass kissy-faces and are myspace whores. boppers can range from the "wannabe gangster bopper" who represents some sort of gang/city when they really don't know what they're talking about and then there's the boppers who go out to the movies every friday night and just hang out to look cool. usually females.

female boppers:
1. wear huge hoop earrings that you can put your fist through.
2. like to hang out it huge groups at the mall.
3. think every boy wants to holler at them.
4. try to act hard
"i hate going to the movies on friday nights, they're always filled with boppers."
by Your mom May 6, 2005