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A somewhat decent small town in a hella boring state. In Jackson County a codeword for "hick" though they aren't all that much better off despite that good music drops through much more. It's Oregon, little difference apart from slightly more services really.

Decisively conservative, but less so than the surrounding county.(the recent levy passed)

Also known for a large concentration of people with mental problems.(the spoon guy who holds spoons up to the sun)

Oh, and certain punk kids are rowdy as shit. The Mexicans and white supremacist types occasionally like to throw down. Please stay away from the west. Our local music scene is a pale imitation of Portland's(speaking of metal specifically, and not other genres)
Grants Pass: thought by everyone to be as boring as towns get until they visit Pendleton, Coos Bay, etc......
by Youdon'twanttoknow May 26, 2009
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