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A reference to a classic book published in 1937. In the book one of the main characters, "Lennie" murders a women by mistake because he had a mental disorder and she was trying to seduce him into doing sexual acts with her... its alot to explain.

tldr: She told Lennie to grab her hair, he grabbed too tight, she screamed to let go, he paniced and killed her. So Lennies best friend, (another main character) George took Lennie to go see the rabbits i a forest by a body of water so Lennie could be in a happy place before George shot him in the back of the head because he was worried Lennie would panic and kill another person and get in even more trouble.

To "Go See The Rabbits" yourself or to take someone else to "Go See The Rabbits" could be subtly refering to suicide, putting down a pet, or murder.
Example #1:

Random Guy: "Life hasnt been going too well... maybe i should go see the rabbits"

Example #2 (i wouldn't do this... sounds kinda fucked up):

"Maybe i should go take (pet name) to go see the rabbits. he/she's getting very sick/old"

Example #3:

"If you dont shut up im gonna go take you to see the rabbits!"
by You Fucking Moron February 9, 2022
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Something the OTV members say to eachother as a way of friendly encouragement.
Toast: Which of these two bowls is the VEGAN one?

Lily: Uh... This one? (the wrong one)

Toast *Leans in very closely to Loli's ear and whispers*: You fucking moron.

Lily: *Cries in Fucking Moron*
by You Fucking Moron December 2, 2021
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