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a bitch..but you sayin it in a nicer way..
you stupid ass beezy..get out my face hoe!!!
by yo' mama February 20, 2005
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A term coined in the U.S. Navy by a bunch of Petty Officers after performing a circle jerk on a lone seaman recruit as part of Naval customs.
Franklin, did you hear about Schwab? He became the last of us to become a Stuffed Seaman. Now they are rotating the schedule and you're first up again.
by Yo' Mama May 05, 2004
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A dumbass from Michigan. More commonly than naught, these dumbasses think they know everything and are a master of every discipline. When at best, they are poorly educated excuses for Americans. The old references to West Virginia being the breeding ground for inbreeds and stupid asses needs to be updated and applied to this miserable bunch of illiterates.
Hey, are you a mooligan? You can't replace the fan belt when the motor is on!
by Yo' Mama May 05, 2004
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