8 definitions by Ya mama

discreet term referring to a woman's genitalia pussy
Man i just saw my girl the other day..had me some chicken. That shit was finger-lickin good.
by Ya mama January 30, 2004
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A very hard name to pronounce. She has the most beautiful eyes and the kindest heart. She has the the most beautiful smile it would take your breath away. She is goofy and doesn’t hang with many. She might seem crazy to you but is a good friend. She don’t play games when it comes down to fighting. she always has her nose tooted up because she knows she’s the shit. She’s just so kijah
Them:hey kijah
Kijah:hey y’all *laughs for no reason*
by Ya mama January 26, 2018
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Derived from South Park, it can be used as a nickname for somebody called Tim, or something written by Myra and Nose all over TerrorBird's windows. It can also be used as an insult for somebody a bit stupid.
"Alright, Timmeh?"
"Myra, why's Timmeh written all over my windows?"
"You're such a Timmeh!"
by Ya mama June 12, 2003
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