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NPHS is actually bearable, despite it's forever over crowded main hall and revolving door of new teachers. Yes, there are many things wrong with New Paltz High School. Like the horrible, semi-retarded, out of sync cheer team (being new doesn't give you an excuse for looking like crap), the ridiculous school wide drama (even the emo kids have it), and excess of over-achievers.

But at the same time, we have some really chill teachers, a general lack of cliques (we're unified by our appreciation of pot), and fucking awesome cookies.

The academics at NPHS are supposed to be top notch. But seriously we're not that smart. It's just that the midget principal forces us to take as many APs as possible. When we realize that we're fucked we all just end up cheating off of eachother. Despite us being immature assholes, some of the teachers are really cool. Foti can kiss my ass but Diana and Espinosa are really great teachers and ridiculously funny (even moreso when taken out of the classroom).

The kids at NPHS are melodramatic and bitchy. We're all pretty hot, friendly, and horny, so that starts a lot of fights. Because we have such a lack of cliques, it just means that the girls fuck around with more guys and the guys scratch their balls with more guys. Everyone's really tight with eachother because most of us have known eachother for thirteen long motherfucking years.

The food is well.... crappy. But that's really not a surprise. The only food the cafeteria offers is ridiculously unhealthy (curly fries with nacho cheese WTF?!?!?) but they have a terrible salad bar and use that to defend the shit food. Not that it doesn't taste good. It tastes awesome because of all the oil and lard they put in it. Hello, chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, the student body is one when it comes to our love of the school's under cooked cookies.

Extra curriculars? Well everyone does a sport because we're all preppy MOFOs. The XC team fucking beasts, which makes up for our crappy football and basketball teams. As for clubs... they exist? We have a ton of clubs because teachers get paid extra if they supervise a club, but they're all pretty pointless. Environmental club makes bad videos about recycling all year to be broadcasted on NPZ, the newspaper is basically comprised of two cut-throat girls, and book club? Book club is made up of ghost members.
"Those potheads in front of the Muddy Cup aren't from SUNY, they go to New Paltz High School."

"The bitches at New Paltz High School will suck your cock dry."

"New Paltz High School doesn't have enough gay kids."
by YO MOMMA!!111 July 30, 2009
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