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A phrase used when an unholy act has been conducted in your vicinity and you would like it to be stopped

Can also be substituted with:
not in my Christian catholic household

Is usually used in the context of a joking manner unless it comes from the nun at your private school, and then be prepared for a firm ruler to the hands
Stupid friend: *makes a sexual reference*
Me: not in my christian catholic school !!!!!!!!

Stupid friend: *makes a sexual reference in my home*
Me: not in my christian catholic household !!!!!!!!

Stupid me: *wears a skirt 4.5cm instead 5cm of the ground*
Psycho nun: NOT IN MY CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL !!!!!!!!! *pulls out ruler*
by YEET OR BE YEETEN November 26, 2018
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someone who was never allowed to watch spongebob and was allergic to dogs *cough cough* my childhood
A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE FROM a sad childhood

Some kid from my kindergarten class: Hey Brooke did you see the latest SpongeBob episode????
ME: * cries in a corner*
Same kid: Awww I'm sorry maybe this puppy will cheer you up!!
ME: *sobs louder before dying*
by YEET OR BE YEETEN November 25, 2018
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a word used as an answer to any question that anyone has ever asked
what's your favorite color? orange
what's your addresses? orange
what time is it? orange
what year did jesus birth? orange
what does a cow say? orange
what's your middle name? orange
who is president of the united states? orange
by YEET OR BE YEETEN November 27, 2018
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