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Smart Car (n.) The dumbest idea any auto maker has ever had, even worse than the Reliant Robin. It is one of the most ugly, least safe, and generally most annoying cars in the world. The people who drive them are among the most annoying human beings as well.
Jim: Hey is that a Smart Car?

Me: Yes! Quick, flip him off!

Jim: Oh, okay. Why?

Me: I have a policy...
by Yar! A pirate! October 27, 2010

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A small land locked country in Central Europe surrounded by epic mountains and a bunch of countries who have done some crazy shit in the past, all of which Switzerland has refused to take part in. Switzerland has relatively high taxes, but because of this the government can afford to let everyone be parents for a couple of years whenever they have a baby, then when that baby is in high school the government pays for him to learn his way around an M-16. This is why nobody has ever had a beef with the Swiss, or if they did they sure kept quiet about it.
"Switzerland has always had a military draft-they have to, because they're surrounded by bastards." -Dr. John C. Freemuth
by YAR! A pirate! February 02, 2011

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Negro Shit (n.) refers to an action, idea, or event which is either of general disapproval, or was orchestrated by black people and is complete shit.
1. "Did you see the call that black referee made? It was complete negro sheee-it!"

2. "What the hell is this negro shit?"

3. A:"Hey, you do guys want to go have raging gay butt sex?"
B: "Hell no! Enough of your negro shit!"
by Yar! A pirate! October 23, 2010

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1. 2008 Olympic Women's All-Around Gymnastics Champion.
2. The most beautiful human female who ever has or ever will exist.
-Nastia Liukin won Women's All-Around!
-Is that the Nastia Liukin who is the most beautiful human female ever?
-Yeah, same one.
by YAR! A pirate! September 14, 2010

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1. Of or relating to a tub of lard.
2. Demonstrating qualities similar to those of a tub of lard.
Stuart Murdoch said it would tubolardish of Belle and Sebastian not to keep writing songs as great as 'Your Cover's Blown.'

Don't be so tubolardish, you fat loser.
by Yar! A pirate! October 25, 2010

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A condition similar to Coprolalia (the condition which causes one to shout obscenities involuntarily, often confused with Tourette's syndrome) brought on temporarily by making mistakes while playing Tetris.
Anna: Piss! Shit! Ass!

Dave: What's wrong with Anna? Does she have coprolalia?

Grace: No, she's just playing tetris.

Dave: Ah, another tragic case of Tetrette's.
by Yar! A pirate! October 27, 2010

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Jammin (v.):

1. Continuing to have sex after coming.
2. Having sex despite also having a less-than-hard on.
"I'm pretty sure she has delayed orgasm, because I lasted almost an hour and still came before her, so I just kept jammin for another 20 minutes."

A: "I know for a fact that that 83 year old guy has ED, and yet he continues his porn career without the aid of Viagra or Cialis. How does he do it?"

B: "Dude, he jams those teens like crazy"
by Yar! A pirate! October 23, 2010

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